Filitaly-Lab was established in 2008 on the basis of more than thirty-year experience of its founders in manufacturing and selling yarns for industrial machine knitting, hand knitting and weaving.

Our technical expertise allows us to select raw materials of high quality, value and rarity, to offer not only precious and niche yarns but also new and trendy yarns to the Italian and international markets.

Filitaly-Lab’s original and unique product has attracted the attention of top designers and brands.

Our products result from the skilled blending of Baby Alpaca, Baby Lama, Baby Camel, Yak and Cashmere with other natural and technological fibers.

We can rely on our own machinery for the production of our articles, thus guaranteeing short lead time and a product which is constantly and carefully checked by our skilled staff, from the preparation of the fibre to the selling of the yarn.

Our designing team’s creativity is supported by new processing technologies, resulting in amazing yarns in terms of appearance and quality.